Sunday, January 25, 2009

Graphic Designology 300+

Four pages feature in "Graphic designology 300+".
“50 Young & Talented - CONTEMPORARY GRAPHIC DESIGNERS around the world”.

Cite Publishing Ltd.
Taipei, Taiwan.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Danas - Forum 100

Belgrade daily newspaper Danas has made a poll among 100 people from various areas (politics, arts, finance...) about the year 2008 (the most significant event/person in Serbia/world + wishes for 2009).

1. The most significant person in Serbia
Every citizen of the republic of Serbia that is not part of the political, entertainment or media vaudeville, and whose lives are controlled by the lowlife scum from the very bottom. This is not a story about the poor little man. It's more like an appeal to him/her to turn off the TV and turn on the brain.

2. The most significant person in the world
Barack Hussein Obama. A friend of mine told me: "Let's see if a man with a darker skin tone could get elected president in Europe." And with not a pure Christian background, I might add. This man holds a very hot potato and I hope he'll manage to deal with it.

3. The most significant event in Serbia
It would probably be the latest elections. If the Democratic Party thinks that it is enough for them to be a mere alternative to the Radical Party or the DSS van, they should think again. However, I vote for the capture of Radovan Karadzic as a consequence of the elections. I hope we don't need another round of elections to get a hold of Ratko Mladic. And we definitely don't need this government theatre: "Look, we are really trying hard."

4. The most significant event in the world
The Olympic games in Peking. Regardless of all the controversies I think the world has become aware of the third super-power. A bit sleepy though, but rather significant.

5. Wishes for 2009
I wish the following pairs of words to cease to be synonyms: Europe-EU, victims-heroes, left-right, people-government. It seems that we need a reminder that Europe is a continent, that innocent victims cannot be heroes and that left and right cannot be mixed up so easily in the political arena. I am particularly tired of the media induced identification of the citizens of a country with its current regime.