Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Evica Maćašev

"Evica Maćašev", photograph
Bečej | Small town horror (work in progress)*

During the 70's I used to sleep over in my grandparents' (Jelena and Ivan) house in
Bečej. I used to put myself to sleep by looking at the oval portrait of my grandma when she was young. At the beginning of the 90's I came to know that the young woman in the picture was not my my grandma, but granddad's sister, Evica Maćašev. Evica committed suicide in 1930 because of the "blemished honor" by certain army officer Nešović, who she was in love with. Her body was found by the Danube river bank near Novi Sad.

The work is a part of the "Near Dark" art exhibition.

*Bečej | Small town horror is the alternative tourist campaign for my hometown based upon the media model of the small town full of horror.

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